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Photo Forgery – 1st Louisiana Native Guards

My piece in Disunion in the New York Times finally appeared late Friday night. If you haven’t read it, here is a <link>. I received an email Saturday from John C. Van Horne of the Library Company of Philadelphia to alert me to … Continue reading

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Slavery by Another Name

Earlier this week, PBS presented the documentary, Slavery by Another Name, based on the book of the same name by Douglas A. Blackmon. It shows how powerful economic interests in the U.S. South, between the end of Reconstruction and World War … Continue reading

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Arizona’s Confederate Roots

Source: This is a blog about how freedom came for the slaves during the American Civil War, but now and then I indulge in other unrelated subject matter. Such as my post last October poking fun at nervousness in certain … Continue reading

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Catching up on Disunion

This past week Disunion in the New York Times published two pieces of interest to Civil War Emancipation. The first, by Gregory P. Downs, discusses the colony established for escaped slaves on Roanoke Island, North Carolina. Like the Lost Colony of … Continue reading

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Fooling Themselves

The first region of the Confederacy to see large numbers of slaves flee their owners was the area around Norfolk, Virginia. As Civil War Emancipation has discussed several times, Fortress Monroe, guarding the entrance to Hampton Roads, became a magnet for … Continue reading

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