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Recruiting Black Soldiers in Kansas

Kansas was a special place in the American Civil War. Essentially, because of “Bleeding Kansas” the bloody fight between freesoil and pro-slavery settlers in the 1850s for control of the territory, the Civil War had arguably begun seven years earlier … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Dead Confederates, A Civil War Era Blog:
While doing research on something else, I came across a couple of accounts of the aftermath of the Confederate assault on Fort Pillow, written by naval officers of U.S.S Silver…

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Benjamin Butler Betrays Louisiana Slaves, Part 2

About a month ago,┬áCivil War Emancipation dealt with Gen. Benjamin Butler’s poor treatment of black Louisianans near the start of his controversial tenure as overseer of Union-occupied New Orleans. His command extended to all Union-controlled areas of Louisiana, although because … Continue reading

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