U.S. Grant on Civil War Causes

Brooks Simpson over at Crossroads has just posted an excerpt from U.S. Grant’s Memoirs, in which Grant discusses what he saw as the causes of the Civil War. From the excerpt Simpson provides, it is clear that Grant believed that slavery in the South was increasingly incompatible with the modernizing society of the North, and when white Southerners after Abraham Lincoln’s election believed they could no longer control the national government sufficiently to defend the institution of slavery they seceded from the Union which brought on the Civil War. To read the Grant excerpt over at Crossroads, <click here>.

In short, U.S. Grant believed slavery to be the principal cause of the Civil War, along with economic modernization in the North.

About Donald R. Shaffer

Donald R. Shaffer is the author of _After the Glory: The Struggles of Black Civil War Veterans_ (Kansas, 2004), which won the Peter Seaborg Award for Civil War Scholarship in 2005. More recently he published (with Elizabeth Regosin), _Voices of Emancipation: Understanding Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction through the U.S. Pension Bureau Files_ (2008). Dr. Shaffer teaches online exclusively (i.e., a virtual professor). He lives in Arizona and can be contacted at donald_shaffer@yahoo.com
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