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New York Times editorial – February 14, 1861

On February 14, 1861, the New York Times published an editorial addressing the secession crisis.  The Times struck an optimistic tone that in retrospect seems misplaced and naive, but reflected the hopes raised in North at that moment by the Washington Convention that, with … Continue reading

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Disunion: What Lincoln Meant to the Slaves

Yesterday’s Disunion blog in the New York Times has a piece by Steve Hahn, “What Lincoln Meant to the Slaves,” which provides a fine perspective on what the slaves were thinking and doing in the period leading up the Civil War.  … Continue reading

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Appeasing Slaveholders: House Resolution of February 11, 1861

On February 12, 1861, the Daily National Intelligencer reported on the activity of the U.S. House of Representatives the previous day.  Like the Washington Convention meeting at Willard Hotel, the members of the House desperately wanted to preserve the Union.  On that day, they … Continue reading

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Slavery and South Carolina Secession

As indicated when I discussed slavery in Texas’ “Declaration of Causes,” I planned to backtrack and analyze this issue in the written justifications of secession offered by other southern states.  Let me start with South Carolina’s “Declaration of Immediate Causes which May Induce and … Continue reading

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Gordon Rhea Article

I hope Kevin Levin will excuse me if I piggyback on him again so quickly.  I wouldn’t do it if he hadn’t shared an article yesterday highly relevant to Civil War Emancipation.  I will say, as an aside, that I fully intend … Continue reading

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Disunion – White Union Soldiers and Emancipation

Yesterday’s Disunion blog in the New York Times, written by Ronald Coddington, centers on the wartime experiences of Confederate Captain David Ramsey from Wilcox County, Alabama.  This edition of Disunion would be of little interest to Civil War Emancipation except for an incident involving … Continue reading

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Kevin Levin takes notice of _Slavery and Lincoln’s War and Aftermath_

Many of this blog’s readers are already familiar with Kevin Levin’s blog, Civil War Memory.  It is IMHO, one of the finest Civil War blogs around, arguably the best Civil War blog around. This evening, Kevin Levin has made a new post … Continue reading

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